Susan S. Collins, C.S.B. bio


I was raised on Long Island, New York: Public school upbringing, included piano with performance; and percussion instruments; sports; cultural activities of The Big Apple.

Education and Work Experience:

+ BA at the University of Colorado in Political Science:
… minors: Anthropology and Public Speaking.

+ Worked briefly in NYC.

+ Moved to Paris, France:
a) Worked at The International Herald Tribune;
b) American Express;
c) Taught English at Berlitz;
d) Earned “Troisième Degré” (3rd Degree) in French at the Alliance Française.

+ Earned Master of Education degree in Speech Pathology from U. of VA.

Worked as speech therapist in public schools in VA and CA.

+ Taught English as a second language:

CS Practitioner listing:

In nineteen eighties, and listed in the French Herald in 2005.
Branch church memberships include: CA; VA; MA; and presently:

Eighth Church of Christ, Scientist.

+ Worked at The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, MA

CSB 2015

Positions Served:

+ First Reader: Second Reader, Board presently: Sunday School Superintendent and Teacher; Lecture Chairman; Chaplain in Institutional Work., ongoing work.

+ Have addressed 17 associations.
+ My teacher: Paul Stark Seeley, CSB

Additional Experience:

  • Chaplain for Mental Health Center, Boston, MA
  • CS prison worker, Richmond, VA
  • Key note speaker at Longyear Museum (annual meeting)
  • CS Practitioner at Newfound/Owatonna Camp, Harrison, MN (5 summers)
  • CS Practitioner for Adventure Unlimited Camps (6 summer sessions)
  • Radio Interview: Christian Science and Children’s’ Cases in Puerto Rico
  • TV Interview: “Christian Science” (Educational TV cable, Newton, MA)
  • Keynote speaker at Northeast Regional Youth Meeting
  • Metaphysical Committee for NYC Summit
  • Presently am a CS worker at Riker’s Island Prison and Horizon Juvenile Center.

Published Works:

(Articles, audios, and Sentinel programs can be found at JSH-online)

  1. Daily Lift: “The Mind/Body Connection” February 5, 2015.
  2. “Thank You, Father” September 25, 2014 online: CS Journal 3. Truth Will Make you Free: Audio November 6, 2013                                       4. Overcoming Grief” (CS Monitor, September 27, 2013)
  3. “I felt as though I were barely surviving” (CS Sentinel, Finding Light Series, August 12, 1991. Also published in the French Herald)
  4. A number of “Question and Answers” for CS Journal
  5. “A Response to Richard Griffin’s column on Prayer”(Wellesley Townsman, Guest Columnist, February 9, 2006)
  6. “Living 50+ Lending a Holistic Hand” Alternative Medicine (Interview on being a Christian Scientist for Community Newspaper Special Section, published in 100 plus Massachusetts community newspapers, May 2006)
  7. “A New Old Friend: The Bible”(CS Sentinel, January 2007)
  8. “Anyone Can be a Healer” (CS Sentinel, column series, July 2008)
  9. “Heart Healing” (CS Journal, testimony, October 2009)
  10. “Sharing the Pearl with a Neighbor” (CS Journal, September 2010)
  11. “My First Christmas Tree” (CS Sentinel, December 2011)
  12. “Why do some CS churches decorate for (special seasons)/holidays and not others?” (Church Alive:
  13. Letters to the Editor (CS Sentinel, most recent: January 9, 2012)
  14. “From East 77th Street to Eternity: How I Found Christian Science” (CS Sentinel, July 6, 2012)
  15. “Celestial Feast: A Touch of Class” (CS Sentinel, November 5, 2012)
  16. “The Healing Message of the Bible, September 11, 201