Welcome to my online office!

Hello. I’m so glad you stopped by. I hope you’ll find your visit here illuminating and refreshing. My desire is for you to discover more about your ongoing, ever-unfolding relationship with your Maker: to understand how much He/She loves and needs you.  And, that you discern  more regarding your limitless potential for spiritual growth, healing, and discovery.

As a practitioner and teacher, I am a spiritual healer, and heal through prayer.  This includes finding  solutions for every need a child of God could have including:  health; career; relationship; financial: emotional; intellectual; home considerations; and more. Healing and spiritual revelation come when we turn in humility and expectation, to our dear Heavenly Father, – divine Mind. Christian Science, the Science of Love, the Science of Good, has been my own catalyst and bulwark for healing, as well as for spiritual growth. Health restoration; the harmonizing of discordant relationships; and, answers to pressing needs have all resulted from study and prayer, or the application of God’s laws. Patients have had the same experience.  Healing; renewal; restoration; and revelation are natural outcomes of heartfelt, understanding prayer.  Jesus showed us how to do this, and he taught his disciples to do the same.  This method has proved to be every bit as effective today, as it was in Christ Jesus’ time.

Mary Baker Eddy founded the Christian Science Church, and wrote its textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. This book along with its companion, the Bible, is filled with living ideas, and they enlighten; illuminate; and heal.

ChristianScience.com is an excellent place to learn more about Christian Science, the science of Good, the Science of Love, of Principle.  There you can learn about its basic teachings, listen to experiences of healing, and find talks regarding our relationship to the great Shepherd. You will also find out where to tune in to, for online, CS church services.

The following is a link to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, the primary textbook of Christian Science.  Together with the Bible, this is our Pastor, – our Pastor for the Christian Science church.

If you would like spiritual support, or to discuss your relationship with your Father/Mother, please do call (212) 580-0774 or email me at susancollinscsb@gmail.com.  You can start now!  You will see,  you have a remarkable adventure ahead of you! And it will bless beyond measure.