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March 2023
The power of godly thinking
Published in The Christian Science Journal

September 25, 2014
“Thank you, Father!”
 Published in The Christian Science Journal

September 27, 2013
Overcoming grief”:  A Christian Science Perspective
Most of us know the feeling of grief that comes after a loss – loss of a loved one, a revered relationship, a dream job or home, an adored pet. Or perhaps we’re feeling heartbroken over an act of betrayal, a missed opportunity, or a mistake made.

September 11, 2012
The healing message of the Bible
By susan collins
…Christian Science practitioner Susan Collins shares healing experiences that came about from her insights into the Bible….
Christian Science Sentinel / audio / news of healing / Audio

January 23, 2000
A deeper look at the mind/body connection – Program 004
By susan collins, miles harbur, nathan talbot
There is much being explored these days regarding how thought affects the body. Our guests tell us what they’ve found out about the relation of mind and body through their study of Christian Science.
Christian Science Sentinel / audio / sentinel radio edition / 2000 / Audio

May 7, 2011
Allergies? There’s a healing solution – Program 1119
By candace du mars, richard stillman, susan collins
Many people yearn to be free from allergies, and the Bible provides a fresh, reassuring perspective that supports complete healing. It tells us about God’s omnipotence and that prayer helps us to e…
Christian Science Sentinel / audio / sentinel radio edition / 2011 / Audio

December 30, 2006
What can happen when the heart yearns for newness – Program 701
By marta greenwood, susan s. collins, david c. kennedy
Do you long for healing and progress in your life? Do you feel you’re carrying around the same burden, struggling with the same problems, from week to week, month to month, even year to year? Many…
Christian Science Sentinel / audio / sentinel radio edition / 2006 / Audio

September 1, 2010
By susan collins
AFTER A DILIGENT SEARCH and much prayer, last September I finally found my home in the Big Apple—New York City. I was elated! It was economical, bright, and well-located, with a fabulous panoramic…
The Christian Science Journal / issues / 2010 / September / Volume 128 Issue 9 / Article

January 15, 2007
By susan collins
FOR FOUR MONTHS I’d been sorting, packing, keeping, and giving away. After 19 years in one house, I was moving.One morning as I lay in bed thinking deeply about all that had transpired and feeling…
Christian Science Sentinel / issues / 2007 / January / Volume 109 Issue 03 / Bible Lesson

December 20, 2010
My first real Christmas tree
By susan collins
Christmas inspiration brings a healing of longstanding allergies.
Christian Science Sentinel / issues / 2010 / December / Volume 112 Issue 51 / Article

Wandering, or “lazy,” eye healed
By susan collins
When my son was about four or five, we began to notice he seemed to have a wandering, or “lazy,” eye. My husband and I prayed about the situation right away, and because we had had some marvelous h…
Christian Science Sentinel / web originals / 2007 / Article

October 1, 2009
By susan collins
…I learned both during and after the healing has been priceless, permanently securing my trust that “with God all things are possible” ( Matt. 19:26). SUSAN COLLINS NEW YORK, NEW…
The Christian Science Journal / issues / 2009 / October / Volume 127 Issue 10 / Testimony

May 1, 2004
Your Q & A
By julio rivas, mario tosto, susan collins
…ways of loving God endless? Susan Collins, Wellesley, Massachusetts Please send your question via e-mail to, marked specifically for the Journal Q&A column, or to use regular mail…
The Christian Science Journal / issues / 2004 / May / Volume 122 Issue 5 / Q&A

July 9, 2012
From East 77th Street to eternity
By susan collins
I grew up in a Protestant church. I loved the ritual, the music, and the Sunday School, and attended fairly regularly. It seemed, though, that there was always something significant missing from my…
Christian Science Sentinel / issues / 2012 / July / Volume 114 Issue 28 / Article

December 1, 2006
By john tyler, don griffith, susan collins
…things not seen” (Heb. 11:1). True faith, then, is built on experience with God’s goodness, such as Jesus and many of the people in the Bible experienced repeatedly. SUSAN COLLINS NEW YORK, NEW YORK…
The Christian Science Journal / issues / 2006 / December / Volume 124 Issue 12 / Q&A

April 1, 2006
By susan collins, curt wahlberg, harriet schupp
…way, today’s unselfish efforts are proof of God’s eternal love and omni-active good. SUSAN COLLINS WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS, US A2 I wrote the book on trying to choose the right words. And one thing…
The Christian Science Journal / issues / 2006 / April / Volume 124 Issue 4 / Q&A

November 5, 2012
Celestial feast
By susan s. collins
Finding Christian Science was the most momentous and crucial experience of my life. I knew I’d found the most profound and practical gift possible. Many serious needs were met, including the break…
Christian Science Sentinel / issues / 2012 / November / Volume 114 Issue 45 / Article

July 21, 2008
By susan s. collins
THE TRUTH is, from nearly the moment I found Christian Science and learned about Christian Science practitioners, I determined that that was what I wanted to do with my life.For years I’d suffered…
Christian Science Sentinel / issues / 2008 / July / Volume 110 Issue 29 / Article

January 1, 2007
By kim shippey with contributions from wendy rankin
…it.” As she left the capitol, Susan Collins said, “I felt a great sense of expectancy, a wonderful stirring, and a surge of gratitude.” Collins, the mother of one grown son who was raised in…
Christian Science Sentinel / issues / 2007 / January / Volume 109 Issue 1 / Article